MISTA 2017: Submitting a Paper

When preparing your paper, please make sure that you have read the call for papers and also adhere to the following guidelines

  • Please use the Latex/Word templates provided.
    • The Word template is available from here
    • The latex template is avaiable from here
  • Papers can only be uploaded as PDFs
  • DO NOT put page numbers on your papers as we will insert them for the proceedings
  • Please stick as closely as possible to the formats that we have provided. We are happy for you to make sensible changes but we would like to keep the same look/feel for all the papers
  • We are not imposing page limits. Therefore, please do not change the margins
  • If you are submitting a full paper, please supply an abstract as part of the paper. If you are submitting an abstract (or an extended abstract), DO NOT supply an explicit abstract as part of the paper. We will use the presence/absence of an abstract to decide what type of submission you are making and the paper will be reviewed accordingly
  • When you are ready to submit your paper, please go to the Easychair web site (this will open in new window)
  • When you submit, you need to choose a track; Abstract, Full Paper, or Timetabling. It is important that you choose the right track as this will determine how the review is done.