MISTA 2017: Special Sessions

MISTA 2017 will feature a number of special sessions. Papers and abstracts submitted to the special sessions will undergo the same review process as other papers but they will be handled by a guest editor(s) and the presentations for accepted papers/abstracts will be combined into one (or more) session.

Are you interested in organising a special session at MISTA 2017?

If you are interested in organising a special session, please contact Graham Kendall (Graham.Kendall@nottingham.edu.my), with a brief description of the session you wish to organise. We will make it as easy as possible, we just need your expertise in your area.

Routing problems with profits

Guest editors: Aldy Gunawan (e-mail: aldygunawan@smu.edu.sg), Pieter Vansteenwegen (e-mail: pieter.vansteenwegen@kuleuven.be) and Hoong Chuin Lau (e-mail: hclau@smu.edu.sg)

Typical routing problems, such as the vehicle routing problem or the traveling salesperson problem, are combinatorial optimization problems that try to minimize the total travel time or distance. This session considers another type of routing problems that focus on maximizing the collected profits from visited customers. Two decisions have to be integrated: which customers to visit and how to sequence these in one or several routes. Some variants of this problem are vehicle routing problems with profits or variants of the orienteering problem. Typical applications of these kind of routing problems are tourist trip design, military surveillance, logistic problems, mobile crowdsourcing problems and others.

The aim of this special session is for researchers to present recent developments in solution approaches for routing problems with profits: exact approaches, (meta)heuristics, matheuristics, etc.

The main topics include but are not limited to:

  • (Team) Orienteering Problem
  • (Team) Orienteering Problem with Time Windows
  • Time Dependent (Team) Orienteering Problem
  • (Team) Arc Orienteering Problem
  • (Team) Orienteering Arc Routing Problem
  • Other Variants of the Orienteering Problem
  • Traveling Salesperson Problem with profits
  • Profitable Tour Problem
  • Prize-collecting Traveling Salesperson Problem
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with profits
  • Arc Routing Problem with profits

Airline Crew & Fleet Scheduling

Guest editors: Per Sjögren (e-mail: Per.Sjogren@jeppesen.com) and Björn Thalén (e-mail: Bjorn.Thalen@jeppesen.com)

The airline industry has many scheduling problems where optimization may be applied. This is a well-established research area within academia, and the industry has for a long time applied optimization techniques and software to solve many of these problems. Even so, the most sophisticated systems may have runtimes of several days for a large airline’s more complex problems and therefor in general the problems cannot be considered solved. Especially since the complexity keeps increasing due to airline mergers, airline growth and rapid changes in the market in an already competitive landscape further demanding fast feedback. This session focuses on problems seen in the airline industry related to scheduling and aims to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial research & development. Main topics include, but are not limited to<:/p>

  • Long-term Staffing and Promotion Problems
  • Crew Pairing/Trips Problems
  • Crew Rostering Problems
  • Crew Bidline Problems
  • Disruption Management Optimization Problems
  • Fleet Scheduling Problems
  • Tail Assignment Problem
  • Ground Staff Rostering Problem

When you are ready to submit your paper, please go to the Easychair web site (this will open in new window). When you submit, you need to choose the Routing track. This is important as it will determine how the review is done.